5 Things Successful People Ask Themselves In The Morning

The morning can be one of the biggest battles to overcome, especially if you are working overtime to make your business a success. It can be tempting to roll over and hide under the covers, but don’t get discouraged! Take a page from the playbook of successful people and go through this checklist before you start your day.

What is my goal for the day?
Don’t wander aimlessly or become overwhelmed by an alarming to-do list. Think about your major goal, what do you really need to do to consider this day a victory. If you can accomplish that one imposing task, you win!

What is something I can let go of?
There is always something that is going to be nagging at the back of your mind, but maybe you can’t do anything about it that day. Let it go! Even if it’s just for a day. Why keep yourself worked up about something that is just going to hold you back. You and your business can’t succeed if you are dwelling on unresolved issues.

What are my strengths?
You don’t have to inflate your ego to the moon and back, but a little stroking wouldn’t hurt. It can be scary running a business, knowing that others depend on you, but you wouldn’t have gotten this far if you did not have the skills to make it happen. Remind yourself of those strengths from time to time.

What are my challenges?
Just as we all have assets, we have things we need to work on. Don’t think of them as weaknesses, but opportunities to improve yourself. Pick one that you are working on and make a plan to step out of your comfort zone and grow. You can’t be a born master at everything.

What’s my Motto?
Create a unique mantra that encompasses what you believe in. What do you need to tell yourself to know that you can accomplish anything? Repeat it to yourself and get yourself pumped for your day! You can tackle that potential client meeting and still handle the inventory mishap. You got this.

Don’t let anything hold you back. Ask yourselves these questions each day and when you can give yourself a focus, that is when you accomplish great things. Take advice from the greats, and try these next time you are feeling tempted to crawl back under the covers.